Hi Adam,


please find here some new works for you, which find their inspiration at London's industrial printworks venue, as well as through your latest sets and the general atmoshpere that london and the unfolding of time is currently infusing in me.

Once again, with Winter fading into Springtimes these three works represent the transition from darkness to light, with:

'Unjustified' representing the unjustified 'seek for a change' as a response to oppression, inner struggle and a 'rhythm' which has been going on for far too long;

'Choices' signifies the contemplation of a solution and its subsequent the taking of action, which at times can be arduous as the lyrics spell out, "nobody said it was easy";

while 'Bitter Resolution' represents the reach of the long-chased utopia, which however, is inseparable from its inevitable distopic conclusion. This work adds some 'glimpses of sun' to the dark journey, yet surrounded by melancholic tones roaring in the background, as a hint to the fact that we are not witnessing an entirely happy conclusion but perhaps an unexpected bittersweet beginning...


I hope you will find them interesting.

Best wishes



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Photo Credit: Joep Van Aert | Drumcode @ Loveland BCN